A system of categorising groups of humans with a common goal based on technological level. Though compared to the modern day, these pioneering humans do not possess as much technology, they still continue to survive and thrive, with and without tech.

The TiersEdit


The Primal people use wild and domestic crops and domesticate animals.

Their settlements are usually circular houses with single rooms made of mudbrick. Settlements have a surrounding stone wall to keep domesticated animals in and protect the inhabitants from other tribes. Most clothing is made of animal skins.


The Tribal people use written records to keep track of crops, animals or for journaling.

The Tribal people have the second most advanced metalworking. Trading, including the trading of iron and stone for wood and crops, is very widespread amongst the tribal people. The Tribal and Primal people are more likely to develop powers for reasons unknown.


The Advanced people use complex trading systems, employ a few flying drones and have massive walled civilizations that stretch miles. They do not tend to have powers.