Rip Skarr
Vital statistics
Powers Virus Immunity

Extreme Reflexes Cold Immunity Enhanced Vision

Alias Red Man (by Link)
Age Unknown
Species Homo Sapiens Sapiens
Affiliation The Man-Eaters
Physical attributes
Height 6'
Weight 198 lbs
Occupation Warrior
Base of Operations Mid Western Mountains

Rip Skarr is a minor antagonist of the series.

Rip is thin with pale skin, has thick red hair, the purple eyes of an Aestivan and has a thick, dirty beard. Rip is also described as being sporadic and unpredictable.

Rip first realizes he has the Power when he lived through a contraction of an alien form of malaria, which had killed off his old tribe. After killing Link Saurus' mom, he formed a new tribe, the Man-Eaters, known as the Aestivans.


Rip Skarr's torso, arms, and head are completely covered in Man-Eater tattoos. It is both a tribute to his revered leader  who is fully possessed in the extra terrestrial parasite known as Man-Eater. He also uses black pigment around his eyes, mouth, and forehead to give himself more of a skeletal look. .