Character Name
Vital statistics
Powers The Power
Alias Do they have one? Nicknames included.
Age From 150 down to 0...(or dead)
Species Homo Naturae (Powered Humans), Homo Sapiens (Normal Humans), Homo Intelligens (The Advanced Humans of the South and their unusual physical differences like smaller eyes and lack of pigmentation)
Affiliation Tribe Name Here
Physical attributes
Height (It tells alot about the character's looks)
Weight (It tells alot about the character's looks)
Occupation Rank or position in tribe (if any)
Base of Operations Location on continent or island with included cardinal points (eg. Mid-Western Ankabra or South Regigal

Character Name is a protagonist/antagonist of storypagehere/linktopagewithcharacter'sbackstoryandoradventure(s).

(Name) is of (what build) with (color skin), has (color, texture hair), has (color eyes) and is described as being quite (distinguishing trait). (Name) is also described as being (Good Personality Trait, yet Bad Personality Trait). Before the adults disappeared, (Early Life, Interaction with parents, what job they had, what skills they have). Name dislikes (something) and prefers (something else). (Previous personality that changed with the disappearance), finding friendship in (Certain Friends or Relatives or Animals). After the adults disappeared, (what happened to their personality) and (did/didn't do something/ran away/whatever).

How Character found out they had the Power, if they do have the power that is.

The Power (if any)Edit

Power OneEdit

Refer to for details on the desired power.

Add Categories such as Gender, Tribe, Powered, Characters and Tier (see The Three Tier System)