Link Saurus
Vital statistics
Powers Animal Empathy

Animal Control

Alias None
Age 15
Species Homo Naturae
Affiliation The Sapphire Fist
Physical attributes
Height 5'4"
Weight 155 llbs
Occupation Chieftain
Base of Operations Midwestern Ankabra

Link Saurus is the main protagonist of the series.

Link is of medium build with tanned skin, has brown, curly hair, has purplish brown eyes and is described as being quite handsome. Link is also described as being outgoing, yet on edge. Before the adults disappeared, Link lived peacefully in his village with his father, who taught him how to grow crops, hunt creatures and use his bow. Link dislikes hunting and prefers to befriend the predators of the wild. He remained quite reserved for most of his life, finding friendship in Iziko Tirus and Koh Stem. After the adults disappeared, he broke out of his shell and took charge of the tribe, The Sapphire Fist.

Link first realizes he has the Power when he calmed a frightened bear, which had become entangled in one of the tribe's traps.


Animal Manipulation and TamingEdit

Link can control animals, set stampedes onto attackers, get animals to fetch things. Link can establish an organic, empathic link with a creature which allows him to mount on top of the creatures even the most dangerous of beasts for battle or even control any sort of pack and use them for tracking or for battle use. He can tame any predator, but has difficulty controlling more than one at once, and has even more difficulty taming herbivores.

Animal EmpathyEdit

Link can sense and understand the emotions of animals and vice versa.