Homo Naturae are bipedal beings with a bilateral symmetry, having a front and a back end, as well as an upside and downside. Their body comprises a head, neck, torso, and four limbs. The upper limbs, called arms, ended in hands which have five fingers each; the lower ones, called legs, end in feet with also five digits. The Human fingers have multiple points of articulation, and one of them is an opposable thumb that allows for fine manipulation. Finally, they have one head perched atop a torso. Most of their hair is concentrated on the head and, in the case of adult males, face. Homo Naturae are capable of channeling the Power, and the Power only develops at adolescent life stage. Homo Naturae first began appearing in the fourth generation of Resovua's Humans.

The PowerEdit

Homo Naturae's can connect with nature on deeper levels, thus forming telepathic bonds with animal and plant life, or sensing natural phenomena such as rain, tornadoes, storms or earthquakes. Some H. Naturae's have advanced physique, reflexes or senses. H. Naturae are known to develop strangely colored eyes, most notably purple and indigo.