Vital statistics
Powers Animal Scrying
Alias N/A
Age 15
Species Homo Naturae
Affiliation Artux
Physical attributes
Height 4'9"
Weight 90 lbs
Occupation Scout
Base of Operations North Eastern Ankabra

Elias is a minor protagonist in the main story, though any member of this wiki can write a side story for him :).

Elias is of sturdy build with pale skin, has short, black hair, has purple eyes and is described as being quite shy. Elias is also described as being clever, yet naive.

The PowerEdit

Bird ScryingEdit

Elias can "hitch-hike" his owl Guinevia's senses and experience what happens as if he was her. This power grants him with the ability to see and sometimes hear from bird senses. It allows him to experience the world as she would.