Ari Santoro
Vital statistics
Powers None
Age 14
Species Homo Sapiens
Affiliation The Sapphire Fist
Physical attributes
Height 5'1"
Weight 103 lbs
Occupation Gatherer
Base of Operations Mid Western Ankabra]

Ari Santoro is a main protagonist of the series.

Ari is skinny with light brown skin, has brown, straight hair, has brown eyes and is described as being rude. Ari is also described as being helpful, yet moody. Before the adults disappeared, she lived with her mother, twin sister and grandmother in a small hut. Ari dislikes meat and prefers fresh berries. Ari was loud and argumentative, finding friendship in her twin sister and her boyfriend Geo. After the adults disappeared, Geo broke up with her and withdrew himself, before confiding in 'Izzy' and Ari learned to cope by weaving beautiful clothes for the tribe to wear.