Welcome to the Primal Future WikiaEdit

The Primal Future Wiki is a resource for the community of the Ancient Future universe, a recently created online original shared universe about the fictional planet of Resovua, where prehistoric creatures roam and teenagers fight for their very lives. This wiki is intended to form a friendly community of fans, and anyone can log in, create a character page and help expand the universe! This is the Ancient Future Universe, a shared universe with one author and counting! Post a message if you'd like to help out! It's an alternate reality scenario with both a strong survival theme and a sci-fi prehistoric theme, something never seen before! It's also very much a work in progress.

The Sapphire FistEdit

The Sapphire Fist is a tribe of teens based in mid-western Ankabra. Link Saurus, Iziko Tirus and Koh Stem are the leaders of this struggling village. They are fueled by The Power, a mysterious force which has bestowed powers upon those of the fourth generation.

Feel Free to Contribute!Edit

Is there a character you'd like to make? Seen a grammatical error? Want to roleplay? Just sign in and help out - Primal Future Wiki is a community project, and everybody's welcome to give a hand!

Start with a look at the Page Creation and Details and Rules for this wiki. In the Words of Ax9000.